Got broadband gaps on your tribal lands?  Below is a set of tools and resources for those who prefer to work through an interactive Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.



1) The National Broadband Map was launched on February 17, 2011 and it is a tool to search, analyze and map broadband availability across the United States. This resource is available at the link below.


2) The FCC offers a tool that allows users to test your broadband connection. To test a broadband connection, please click on the link below; enter the location/address where you are accessing the internet and then click “Go.”

FCC Broadband Connection Test Tool


3) The USDA also offers a rural broadband mapping tool:


The CIT enables users to check the availability of broadband providers and other features, using a state of Virginia broadband mapping program. To get started now or for additional information regarding this resource, please refer to the link below.



1. Free map maker from Google:


2. Open Signal Maps offers a crowd sourcing cell signal strength app: ">


3. Speed data testing by MLab:


4. Trial data network performance dashboard for Android apps (by Mobile Pulse):


5. For ready-made geospatial apps, consider Fulcrum app (not necessarily free).


6. For custom made geospatial apps, consider Spatial Networks development services:


7. Application called CalSpeed measures mobile broadband and is available on Google Play (Android app store) with a 4G/LTE phone required:


Note - Cali PUC app is available on Google Play (app store), and is briefly described here:



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Caveat - By posting these links, Native American Capital, LLC is not endorsing any of these vendors, providers or sources.  Rather, these presented as conveniences for user/tribal consideration and are to be used at one’s own risk.