Native American Capital (NAC) believes in creating trust with our clients.  We believe that an ethical foundation is a necessary prerequisite to creating fair profit. We pledge to uphold the following values in all of our business operations:


We will conduct ourselves in an honest and open manner, and work diligently to keep our clients up-to-date on all important or relevant information.  We will not misrepresent ourselves to clients, and will be candid and open in our findings and reports.  We will never deliberately mislead clients by omission or commission.


We understand the cultural and historical complexities of Native American business communities, and pledge to support Indian self-determination and self-governance and tribal sovereignty, and to respect tribal values.



We will uphold strict confidentiality in our client relationships, recognizing the importance of preserving the value of our clients’ privacy and knowledge.


Compassion and Understanding

Our commitment to prioritizing client relationships includes being open to new ideas or specific circumstances.  We pledge to listen carefully to our clients’ needs, and to create work structures to accommodate these needs.


Responsibility to Society

We believe that in addition to earning a profit, businesses should pursue a triple bottom line strategy, seeking to maximize the following goals:

  • People:  Create jobs and transfer skills in value-added industries
  • Profit: High growth, high margins, and a strong market position
  • Planet: Environmental practices, sustainable businesses, congruous with Tribal customs and traditions



We understand that decision making often involves the development of a consensus, action by tribal council, and stakeholders with different expectations and needs.  Such decisions may take time, and we are willing and able to take the time required to reach a desirable outcome.



We promise to set and meet reasonable deadlines to the best of our abilities, and to bear responsibility for our portion of final results.


Uncompromised Integrity

We promise to uphold our core principles, even when they come into conflict with other pressures.  When situations arise that are not explicitly covered by our core principles, we promise to act in accordance with the moral conduct expected of a trusted consultant.